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Special Offer - ONE TRACK FOR FREE

For a limited time only we are offering new clients a one track free trial.

Please get in touch for details


All Masters include:

- .DDP® creation

- CD-Text

- Error checking

- ISRC Codes (if supplied) free of charge.


Get tracks mastered (No Vat To Pay):


For more than 14 tracks or double albums, please get in touch.


With every order you'll want to fill in and send us the Submission Form

Additional Digital Formats

You will receive your selected file formats sorted into folders, ready for immediate upload to the relevant sites.

Please note, this is priced per format and not per song at the time of mastering.


Additional Digital Formats:


Additional Services

- DDP in the post: If you would like the DDP sent in the post.

- CD Extra: Inclusion of other content on the master CD (accessible on computers)

- DSD: Encoding for release using the Super Audio CD format

- DVD Audio: Encoding for release using the DVD-Audio format

- Session files: Click for info

- Track metadata submission: Submitting track and metadata to databases so tracks appear on computers etc.


Additional Services:


Other Related Services

Please get in touch for details and pricing for any of the following: 


- Denoising/Audio Restoration:

We use advanced spectral editing to remove unwanted sounds from recordings.

Hiss, crackles, buzzing, humming and even coughs, car horns or chair squeaks can be removed.


- Duplication/Replication:

CD and DVD duplication and replication, from 50 up to 10,000 units.

To give an accurate quote we willneed to know the required numbr of units, type of case and details of the artwork.  


- Audio Format Transfers:

if you have any recordings that need transfered to another format (often cassette/vinyl/reel to CD/MP3)  


Please get in touch for details


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